Friday, October 14, 2011

Tip of the Iceberg

Strawberry Suit

Hand Bags

I photographed this sweet strawberry suit on Wednesday. It reminded me of my dear friend Lark. This job makes me want to shop.

The ladies (Eunice, Jean, Rebekah, Jenny & Caitlin) have been very busy getting everything together for next week's opening that there have been some oversights in my induction to the Goldstein. One of the major oversights was showing me where the storage rooms for the archives are located (and the security codes!).

Thursday was a wash for Rebekah and I, so Rebekah decided to give me a tour of the various storage archives for the Goldstein which are located throughout the 2nd and 3rd floor of McNeal Hall. Most of the storage is similar to your home closet, not an inch of space left, boxes crammed everywhere. The 2nd floor also has new archival storage closets that are on hydraulics to move the units back and forth. The room is all white and felt a little like THX 1138. When Rebekah opened up the first metal storage unit to show me the hand bags, the "thrift store" smell punched me in the face. Once I got over that and began looking at everything contained in these closets, I thought to myself,"This is the best thrift store ever!" I think the alarm system caught on to my thoughts because next you know we tripped the burglar alarm and the police were called. We ran downstairs to the gallery and our handy dandy intern Caitlin punched in the overriding code. Phew!

ps Please forgive the camera phone images. They are trying their best.

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