Saturday, January 9, 2010


Here are several views from windows on the second floor of the California Building where my studio is located. This is a start of a much needed new project for me. In 2009 I decided not to make any "fine art" & focus on trying to get commercial work. Part of this decision came after paying 2008 taxes and looking at how much money I spent on exhibition submissions & materials. I realized in 2009 that I really needed to make imagery and work on personal projects because it really does fuel me. In '09 even though I was working hard on other things I did not feel productive. I am hoping to make at least 2 photo projects for 2010, which will be the most I have ever done in a year. I am wishing for inspiration & motivation for 2010.

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Namdev said...

I love these, especially the 2nd one down. Really looking forward to where this project goes.