Monday, November 28, 2011

Gunning Court

I am consciously making an effort to post more, mainly for ego reasons. It makes me sad to look through my posts and see the big gaps in time. There are a few things that I have intended to post but have not gotten around to doing so. One of them being our 2010 family vacation back home to Rhode Island and Massachusetts. On that short trip I shot 1500 images and other than a light edit I have not touched the files. So a blog post is a good motivator to start processing them.

While in Rhode Island we stayed with Moose and Addie for the first half of our visit. They live in a cute 2-story house on a dead end road. There are huge beach roses in the front yard and the always beautiful blue hydrangeas in the backyard. Although both yards are really small there are little nuggets of beauty tucked in. Now we move into the inside. Moose and Addie share their home with Harriet and Karl. Harriet has a gorgeous under bite and loves to greet you at the door. Karl is always dressed to impress in his furry tuxedo but prefers not to be seen.

To the point. I love to look at stuff. Old stuff, other people’s stuff, tag sales, yard sales, estate sales, Savers, the Salvation Army, etc. Your stuff tells your story. I am intrigued by what items people choose to have in their homes. These things give your house it’s character and charm. On our trip to Rhode Island I took note of the things in the houses we visited and stayed at.
Here are a few pics from the lovely little cottage on Gunning Court.

What are the things you choose to keep, display or save?

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