Monday, November 28, 2011

The Passage

Here is part 2 of the 2010 family vacation posts. The first half of our trip we stayed with Moose and Addie. The second half we were lucky enough to stay with Lark. Lark’s place is a combination of the Secret Garden and Wonderland. I keep waiting for Martha Stewart Living to do a photo shoot here.

Lark’s house has a long history. It was a duplex when she originally purchased it in the late 70’s but before that it was a farm house complete with a pig barn in the yard. The pig barn is now Lark’s pottery studio. Over the past few years she has worked diligently to convert her duplex back to a single family dwelling. Being the conscientious consumer that she is, Lark searched reuse centers, Craigslist and various other outlets to find salvaged materials for this major remodeling project. The result is gorgeous. It was a true labor of love. The living room flooring is a combination of the original wood and new floorboards that were hand painted by Lark to match the grain and patina of the old ones. The construction guys laughed at her proposal to hand paint them. They ate their words later. It is flawless. I dare you to find where the old ends and the new begins. That’s probably a good way to describe her house and style in general. Vintage is the new “new” and in Lark’s house it’s hard to tell what is genuinely vintage and what’s a new vintage-style furnishing.

Anyway, Lark treated me like a princess during my stay and I loved every day of it.

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