Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Hardisty Art Center

I bet you didn't know I have an art gallery in my house. Here it is. It's kind of unconventional with one green wall and one off-white wall and none of the hanging materials are archival. Our gallery specializes in displaying collage artists (pronounced coe-lodge). Our current artist-in-residence is Ms. Patience Hardisty. An emerging artist that has been working in the mediums of collage and mixed media since the beginning of November of 2011. I am excited to see her art transform as she matures as an artist.

Age 2 is the best and I have been trying to take advantage of all the new big leaps in motor skills and language development. For Halloween we made leaves and pumpkin faces out of construction paper. Patience didn't quite get it but she colored the leaves and loved using the glue stick. For Thanksgiving we made hand turkeys and for a few days afterward she kept asking us to trace her hand. Now for Christmas we have made a red and green paper chain. Patience applied glue and I assembled. Later we will make evergreen trees and stars to complete our holiday look.

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